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PlayAround 10 is the third edition of an intensely parallel and collaborative workshop of mediating the creative use of FLOSS (Free/Libre Open Source Software) and DIY practices to an audience of young students and artists of diverse backgrounds. It combines the knowledge creation and open distribution of new media technologies and contemporary art practices in a socially responsible and relevant context.

Our approach is to have the seed of FLOSS and DIY grow further, by giving a beginners level, as well as midlevel and advance introduction to the attendants and develop it to a certain depth during the workshop. In other words, re-joint and share the creativities of open source art to a broader community. All the content of the wiki and the booklet will be published under a creative commons license. The use of creative commons allows future creative uses and modifications of the work, as long as the attribution to the original authors is maintained. This year workshop continues in the spirit of PlayAround 08, 09, aiming to integrate FLOSS (Free/Libre Open Source Software) with art practices and contemporary social subjects, teaching modules included alternative usage of integrated materials, self-built sonic synthesiser, interactive programming, physical computing, DIY circuit bending, soundscape and field recording, structural community, etc. This year playaround is opening to international applicants regardless nationality, age, background and related experiences, this will be a small experiment of carry playaround a bit further by welcoming a better diversity, to open up a vivid environment of art creation. We take possible conflicts into the drive of intervention.

2010 Theme - DIWO culture, each module is a smaller circle of the bigger circle of playaround workshop, each has it unique culture, specific motifs and potential of reconnecting to other circle. From Do-It-Yourself to Do-It-With-Others; digital culture and art offer countless potentials to connect shared interests among groups, this possibility has effecting how we deal with daily routing and later, our needs. On the other hand, it restructures the meaning of needs, and its by-product, twixt the communication, and reinforce a physical realisation from an abstract concept. Nevertheless, the most interesting emphasis of playaround workshop is how to co-operate with others.

Future Perspective
playaround is a group of artists and scientist who identifying the spirit of FLOSS and like to use workshop as the form for knowledge sharing, more importantly, the pleasure of playing together. We do not belong to any institutional division, and we do not have a set of diplomatic procedure of organisation. Every year we are facing the difficulties of fund rising, we work closely together to remove this big stone, and helping each other to go across this big stone. Hence, we are seeking and more than welcome of your recognition, by either taking the role of teaching assistant, volunteer, or co-ordinating one together with us.

As a creation focus workshop that minding in digital culture and digital environment, the essence of playaround is open, libre, and share, to provide an open platform for emerging artist to observe and rethink the changes of digital culture in our daily life, and by learning specific skills of each teaching module is providing, to relate to each individual's meanings and drives for creating. The believes and drives of playaround has slowly affecting many local Taiwanese emerging artists, they are inspired by playaround and started to host irregular workshop of knowledge sharing to even a broader scale of audiences. We are aiming have more people understand the essence of playaround by increase the publicity with mass medium, to have general public introduced the activities of playaround, from a seed bedding to a conglomeration of art and society. Since the very beginning, playaround is an international collective joined by similar minds, thanks to the modern internet connection, we are able to connect with rapid communication, and use Taiwan as primary base to set-up workshops; international mentors have brought a diverse of culture backgrounds and experiences to share with emerging artists. This year we launch the open call not only locally in Taiwan, we are now welcoming emerging artists regardless nationality, ages and formal educational background, hopefully, to extend and shift the dimension of creative mind. From a non-profit group, by the increasing number of participants and mentors, when playaround needs more funding resource to assist the increasing and also demanding administration task, the future of playaround will try to work as an association, to stabilise all co-organising, co-ordinating, co-curating and co-playing.

playaround is a non-profit project co-ordinated by several minded individual and groups who shared a common believe in giving hand-on experiences of contemporary art practices which often result or reborn from our digital and technology environment as the key of knowledge sharing. The characteristics of playaround10 workshop involved software programming, patching, thinking out of box, and a co-operative attitude, therefore a reserved seat would first open to anyone with an interest on New Media Art, FLOSS, Art, Soundscape, Design, Mass Communication, Information Technology, Bioscience, Physics, Architecture, Humanities, Engineering. Transdisciplinary and co-operative artwork is more than welcome. playaround10 is going to host 80 seats across 8 teaching modules, open to all regardless nationality, ages, formal education background. International participants will be offered lunch and 6 evenings of accommodation during workshop period, all participants are invited to submit optional proposal to participate HONF residency fellowship.

Structure of playaround10

Main Body
  • Teaching Module
  • Group Project
  • OpenField Exhibition (As early preparation for future exhibtion internationally)
  • HONF Fellowship
  • participating of 2011 ISEA / Inter-Society for the Electronic Art
  • information and upcoming updates.

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