Kicko Wang (TW)

workshop module A. Algorithmic Music and Animation (external link)

I am a current graduate students of the Department of New Media Art, Taipei National University of the Arts. I am interested in exploring the possibilities of integrating sound and visual images.

Kan, Tai-Wei (TW)

workshop module B. Urban Invader (external link)

Tai-Wei Kan is awarded a B. A. degree in information technology and management from Shih-Chien University in 2003, and is studying for the Master's degree in information communication from Yuan-Ze University. His research interests include augmented reality, human-computer interaction design and New Media Arts.

He received several prizes in international festivals and exhibitions such as Electronic Arts Festival of 404, SIGGRAPH SpaceTime Interactive Art Exhibition and International Symposium on Electronic Arts.

Tai-Wei Kan now lives and researches in Taipei.

Chen, Huei-chuan (TW)

workshop module C. sound symbolism & audiobook


Lin, Pei-Ying (TW)

workshop module D. the internet of real things (external link)

Graduated from National Tsing Hua University, B.S. in Life Science. 2010, she will attend Master of Interactive Design, RCA, London, UK.

Participated in the production of Magic Garden in 2008 Taiwan International Children’s TV & Film Festival, and exhibition "Dialogue
between Heaven, Earth, and All Beings" interactive installation in NTMOFA. Right now is searching for a way to enjoy the pleasure of doing science and art at the same time.

Urban Torph (CH/Zuerich)

workshop module D. the internet of real things
workshop module E. lo-fi soundz & synths
on-site module Q. SolderingBar

Born 1983 in Zurich
Mathematic&Natural-Science Gymnasium in Zurich
5 Years Fine Art @ ZHdK Zurich
SGMK since 4 years

== Suitable know-how ==
* Familiar with Operating-systems: Linux(Ubuntu), Windows, Mac OSX
* PureData (video tracking (gem), osc, writing/reading databses, audio streaming)
* Max/MSP (surround-sound installations, ambisonic... osc, interactive theater-lightcontrolling)
* electronics (main focus on sensors, power-current relays, SMD, eagle, wifi-antennas, video Sniffing, solar electronics)
* arduino: stepmotors, sensor-interaction with computer,
* analogue Audio/Video technics, acoustics
* light-engineering (dmx, theater lightning, infrared-lightning ...)
* robotics (lego mindstorm, lots of bricolage-diy-stile robotics)
* did lots of TheaterProjects, am multiinstrumentalist, built my own MusicStudio

== Interests ==
Free Schools, Communication Guerilla, politics, activism, streetart, visibility, anonymity, copyleft...

Bright Tzeng (TW)

workshop module F. motion and sound

My basic interest is still, as it has been from my art school days, studying the processes of invisible spatial ordering through structured communication. My main area of expertise is the relationship between visible and invisible form structure. Recently I have developed an approach that allows me to observe the invisible grid system that lies beneath...

Akinori Kinoshita (TW)

workshop module G. openframework

Akinori Kinoshita, born in 1984, half Japanese half Taiwanese, graduate of Purdue University BSEE 2006, currently works for the tech company. He uses his private time to actively get involved in FLOSS Art activities. He has collaborated with Bazillion artist Anaisa Franco to create reactive sculpture "Paranoia" and collaborated with Chen Huei Chuan, a member of OpenLab.Taipei to create real-time animation "Scene". He has performed on Chinese New Year Music & Art Project, SAT + OpenLab.Taipei Special Performance, Aura Gallery Performance, and Sound Bits.

李根榮 Paper Lee (TW)

workshop module G. Generic Infrastructures Community & Tools
Through the education background of engineering, the logical consideration has been trained. Through the experience of medical and engineering, the co-work model of different fields has been created in mind. Through engineering, graphic design and usability study, the special view among visual, technology, and human behavior has been strongly made. Now seeking for the inspiration and rescue from daily routine.

Usability lab/testing procedure construction, prototype engineering, contact person between software engineer and graphic designers, usability assessments, UI idealization for home media devices, Promote User-Centered Design inside design team, Design guidelines documentation, Project leading

Design the static equipment used in chemical planet, such as pressure vessel, tower, tank.
Communication with world-wide vendor for technique confirmation and quotation estimation.

3D Dynamic Model Construction for Predicting Knee Kinematics - Comparison of native knee and knee arthroplasty", presented on the 21th Congress of International Society of Biomechanics
Three-dimensional Dynamic Model Construction for Predicting Knee Kinematics - Comparison of Native Knee and Knee Arthroplasty”, Masters thesis

“Man back-supporting system - A best supporting points analysis", presented on the 21th Na- tional Conference on Mechanical Engineering of CSME

{Skills & Hobby}
Flash, ActionScript, Javascript, HTML, CSS, PHP, Blender, Photoshop, Android platform, Processing, Linux Prototyping engineering, Usability assessment, Web-design Hockey, Photography, German (intermediate)

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